Friday, August 28, 2009

boxes f,,,,,, boxes

i am glad i had today off to pack boxes (not).

there are now a mountain of the suckers. i am looking forward to Monday when all i should have is a suitcase. no more boxes at least for a few weeks.

there is much to be said for the buddhist monk way of life i reckon.

all we need to do now is move the bloody things. YAY

Thursday, August 27, 2009

another job comes to an end

I finished my job today to give myself a few days to do the final bits of arranging required to ensure we can go to the UK next week.

tomorrow we will do our final packing and then over sat, sun and monday we will move everything out of our house.

once we are out it will be cleaned and then hopefully rented.

we are now pretty much all systems go for the trip:

- everyone has a passport and visa now (cut it a bit fine but all that ends well).
- we have money in the bank.
- Sue has a job to go to and i have a potential job (just need to turn up without two heads).
- we have a short term accomodation set up (3 weeks when we get there).

all that needs to happen now is for us to move out, say our goodbyes and then get on a plane. once we get there we get to do everything again in reverse (yippee not).

so how does it feel? its still a bit strange really.

- it is highly likely today was sue's last work day in Australia (she is celebrating this right as i write - it could be a bit messy later), and it is quite possibly mine as well.
- we both feel we may never return to live in this house and
- we simply have no idea what turns the four lives (sue, jeff, ash and georgia) will take over the next couple of years.

there is much to be hopeful about - new jobs, new friends (and for some maybe lovers), new experiences, travel - but only time will tell where this next little journey in the great game of life will take us.

wish us well - see you on the other side of a brief intermission

Monday, August 24, 2009

the realm of possibility exists where

today we had a family farewell (sort of).families are so interesting dont you think. everyone seems to truly love each other (if only once a year).

we had a treasure hunt (sort of). we had so much stuff and we offered our family those things we could not send into our future, or see value in placing in a storage unit (perhaps never to see the light of day again).

i suspect most of us have stuff we no longer need but which have some real value to someone (family, friend or foe).

i would like to think that today we payed it forward (again) and that our small gifts will make our families happier and potentially grow into something even more valuable.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sky is blue and black

i like this song. sometimes i use it to lull myself to sleep.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

tick tock

well folks its now only 4 weekends till we (well at least 2 of us) put our bums on plane seats. this week we sent some boxes on a ship and moved some things to mum and dads. we are progressively getting rid of all of our stuff.

Sue has a plane ticket, but no visa. this is going to be interesting.

Georgia has a plane ticket, but no visa. she is going to have her identity checked tomorrow (what if she is not who she says she is?)

there is still a lot of junk to get rid of (or store) and all the admin tasks to finish (cancelling all of the accounts etc).

it looks like there might be a chance of me getting a job before i get to the UK which would be handy.

At the UK end there are still a few issues to sort out - like we dont have anywhere to live yet. We need to arrange some short term accommodation and then find a place to rent. Just another minor detail in the great game of relocate yourself to the other side of the world.

tick tock the clock is ticking. we just have to hope its not attached to a relocation bomb

Friday, July 17, 2009

never a great dancer - for georgia

no michael (well almost) but i bet it could make a great pub night (30 sec blitz)

can u spot the resemblance?

London here we come

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ok ok i know

again its been a while (sorry).

tour de france duties, work, packing and organising for UK. all poor excuses i know.

life is just peachy in Perth (except it is bloody cold). Get over it sucker i hear you say. i am contemplating a trip to the store to find some headgear for "bald head" and a big warm overcoat and some gloves for "smooth office hands" - dont mock they come in handy sometimes.

box packing has started. there is going to be some god awful last minute scramble i suspect but whatever is left will be the best verge leftovers for a while in town (tell your friends to bring a trailer).

i cant believe it is only about 7 weeks and the key ingredient to this adventure still doesnt have a ticket.

oh well - what will be will be. this could be just the shortest/greatest holiday in town. all we need now is the lotto numbers

go LANCE - stick it up the French and Alberto!!